Intuitive Personal Paintings

When I make an intuitive personal painting, I tune into your energy and fully go with my intuition when Creating it. I then interpret the painting and write whatever that comes up. This can bring confirmations and empowerment, to move deeper into your true essence and assisting the Self more. The feedback I have gotten is truly beautiful, and I AM so happy to create these.


Awwwe Lina there are no words for the amount of gratitude I feel :) Thank you soooooo much, wow what a beautiful painting!! It resonates with me on so many deep levels, when I first saw it and read what it represents I just cried and felt how this resonated with who I am and why I am here. Divine timing indeed ❤  ~B

Wow...THANK YOU! I could say I LOVE it! It resonates to the core of my being. It's healing, empowering, soothing, loving, embracing, energizing. It won't ever start to cover it.

The description associated to the painting was also incredible.

When I look at it I see it in volume, with the rays flowing out, and the core beating like a heart. My heart is beating at the same pace, expanding beyond my current body, infinitely, and I truly feel from within that I AM LIGHT. 

I get the message "Shine, shine, shine". And a knowing that everything else is irrelevant, all the pain, suffering, self-doubt, questions dissolve.

This is a mirror of remembrance. The ultimate tool of transmutation. 

The painting is absolutely beautiful. I did not get all the subtle details of it (on picture) (which I love because it was a second surprise).I simply can't stop looking at it. It literally radiates energy. ~ Anissa

Paintings I have done

Intuitive Personal Painting, The Strength of Feminine 
Wild Freedom and Creativity

This is an intuitive personal painting which I have created for a beautiful woman with such a bold and amazing energy. This is a shorter sample of the text that goes along with this painting.

As I tuned into her energy, there came a sense of hunger for life, wanting to savor it and live it to the fullest. And when this person is centered and does something she Love to do, there is like sparkles and fireworks within and around her in feeling. 

This painting shows so much sparkly life-Love. I used yellow to represent her inner Spark of infinite BEingness/BEcoming. Yellow is also the color of happiness and bright times ahead, so this wanted to be quite bold in this painting. I used pink and magenta pink- the color of Divine Love. There is much Love with this person, and potential to embody and hold so much more. The green clover leafs speak of passion for nature, but they also symbolize an inner sense of always being taken cared of, no matter where life leads her or no matter how challenging it is at times, these is a trust deep within, a trust that our beloved Mother Gaia and the Universe always provides us with what we need, if so modestly at times.

A cow came into my awareness as I tuned into this woman. So I painted cow horns at the top. Cows has long been a symbol of the feminine strength and power. Both goddesses Hathor and Nut are associated with- and often depicted with the cow. So there is a sense of fertility, abundance, nurture and female qualities as patience, tenderness, and allowance with this person. To be in her empowerment and full potential- embracing and engaging in even more of her beautiful wild femininity on all planes will open up to so much wonder and deep bliss. 

The painting shows a lot of feminine energy, so there is a sense of beautiful benefits of engaging more in the divine feminine principles of nurture, receptivity, and pure BEingness.. To be fully comfortable simply in the Selfs presence. 

A bright and bold painting for a just as bright and bold Soul <3 When balance is found between yin and yang.. between fire and water, between doing and BEing.. the bliss will be infinite and softly euphoric.

Intuitive Personal Painting, Soft Feminine Nurture

This intuitive personal painting shows softness and harmony. This is a woman who is whole within, she embodies Divine Love so beautifully, and radiates this out in her surroundings. I made a pink heart, pink is the color of divine Love and it is the color of our inner heart. This person emanates Love and feel most aligned with her true essence when BEing in contact with nature. 

The yellow flowers represents nature. Spending moments there brings this person a sense of peace and energy. On the pink rays of Love that emanates from the centered heart, there grows little flowers, they represent her creations within and through pure Love and balance, may also be representing her future children here in this reality, which needs a BEing like this as a parent, to be able to grow into their roles and BE empowered in New Earth. The flowers on the stems are in the shape of stars. This is what she makes her Creations and surrounding friends and family feel like, bright Stars. She is a nurturer, she embodies the divine feminine/goddess energy, and this is how she is/will serve here in this reality. She embraces, accepts, have patience, and brings peace and nurture to people in her life, and all Life in Creation. The white hearts represent this wonderful embracing and nurturing aspect, and the white spirals represent how she emanates out the pure white creative mother Light she is.

The amethyst colored "fountain" flowing out from the top of the heart shows how she through her pure BEingness here at this time helps to transmute, transform, and heal the world. She, like the amethyst crystal, amplifies energy of healing. 
Like a warm hug, bringing peace and understanding, so does this woman.

Intuitive Personal Painting: A Golden Heart

A golden heart, reawakening to true Loves song, merging its multidimensional aspects. Remembering its tremendous power, remembering its royalty, remembering the dance. When this heart is fully open, it shines as bright as our beloved Sun, and it Loves deeper than our deepest ocean. The last veils will be fully removed when the timing is right, when its power can be handled and focused on the highest good of all concerned. When in its full potential, this heart is certain, fearless, and unstoppable thorough the mastery of the self, tenderness and vulnerability. It knows from within. It knows how to plant a seed, create and manifest with Love-Light in utter balance, wholeness, and oneness. It brings this dance amongst the stars here. It is connected to the cosmic heart beat, and moves to the rhythm of the cosmic in- and out breath.

A golden heart, remembering itself.

Infinite potential waking up.

A perfect dance of the yin and yang.

Passion reignited. 

Learning to thrive.

Stronger than ever.


Intuitive Personal Painting: A Balanced Passionate Heart

As I tuned into this woman, I sensed so much passion. This painting shows a balanced core of divine feminine-masculine energies as One- which is then expressing itself in a beautiful passionate way, the heart emanates flames of passionate Love and excitement, affecting All of Creation. This core of pure Love shines brightly and anchors her cosmic blissful euphoric dance deep down into Mother Gaia. In the middle of the core- the middle of the vesica piscis; which symbolizes the Goddess/feminine- there are yellow sparkles. Yellow is the color of happiness, wisdom, our inner Divine Spark, which through we get the illumination to see the pure white Light of Truth. So this painting shows a deep connection and embodiment of goddess energy, which leads to utter bliss, brightness and living as the true Royal Self. The deep purple color represent this Royal BEingness. I used blue, so this shows beautiful protection and power. And violet represents transmutation, this is what she does in every moment- she transmute density/old into Light. A BEing within Divine Love, passionately working and Creating with Light, in All Ways.

Intuitive Personal Painting: A Star of Divine Love

As I tuned into this lady, I got a beautiful feeling of Love and brightness, true excitement and an ability to savor the wonders around her. I wanted to make stars in this painting because she feels like a bright Star. I made silver stars dancing around a core of Love-light, and with a violet color; the color of transmutation and spiritual transformation- I made an eight pointed star, which carries a Goddess energy of Sacred sexuality. So there's a beautiful flow of Creative energy with this lady, and a potential of expanding even more into this, which feels natural and it comes effortlessly through beautiful inner knowing which leads to guided action.
In this painting I used magenta pink, which is the color of our higher heart essence, and pink is the color of Divine Love. This person is embodying Divine Love and spread this from her core, in her own unique way. I also used green, as I mixed this color I used a lovely blue color that I felt wanted to be incorporated, even though it might not show much in the painting. Blue brings in the energy of balance, trust and playfulness. Green is the color of our third eye, our key to abundance. There truly is a lot of abundance with this person, especially in light, she is a true Star. :)